Sensidyne Gas Detection

SensFlex Gas Detectors

Dual Channel/Head (SensFlex-2) or Fixed PID (SensFlex-PID) Gas Detectors

SensFlex Gas Detectors

In SensFlex, a flexible and highly-capable set of features combine to provide dual-head point gas monitoring or deployment of a powerful Photo Ionization Detection (PID)  sensor for detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Maximum Facility Flexibility

• Ethernet standard, communicates simultaneous Modbus TCP master/slave
• Embedded web pages for remote configuration and display
• Optional relays for alarm contacts and dual Modbus configuration
• Remote mountable sensors for monitoring near high concern locations
• Maintenance mode to avoid false alarms

Safety without Compromise

• Certified for Division 1 and Division 2 hazardous classified areas
• Configurable relays and redundant Modbus communication
• Uploads application parameters and gas & alarm data
• Time-stamped event and calibration data
• Fault supervision circuitry for error warning

User Friendly and Intuitive

• Bright QVGA color TFT display with highly visible graph and trend
• Sensor status indicated by color change and flashing display
• Hot-swap sensors and non-intrusive user interface for easy maintenance
• Accessible data via mobile devices and laptops


Highly Flexibility Configurations to Meet Facility Requirements

The SensFlex platform is available in two models to meet facility application requirements. SensFlex-PID uses the powerful transmitter platform to drive a high-performance photo-ionization detector (PID) sensor. This sensor provides dependable response to thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Advanced technology allows the SensFlex-PID to excel even in high-humidity applications while the anti-contamination design protects it from moisture, dust, and aerosols.

SensFlex-2 extends the SensFlex transmitter platform allowing simultaneous dual gas monitoring from two different sensors. This dual-head design is highly attractive in many applications where sensing previously required two separate transmitters. SensFlex-2 doubles the output capabilities providing independent output and communication for each sensor head. The display can cycle between sensors or split the screen showing the two measurements.


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