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SensAlert ASI - Advanced Safety Integrity Gas Detection System

SIL 2 Certified Point Gas Detector for Toxic, Combustible, and Oxygen monitoring.
SensAlert ASI Fixed Point Gas Monitor

The Advanced Fixed Point Gas Detector for Critical Safety Applications

SensAlert Plus Fixed Point Gas MonitorDo not compromise on safety. SensAlert Plus fixed point gas detector is the high-safety integrity gas detection transmitter designed to meet the challenging requirements of industrial plants and facilities. Features unique to the Plus Series instruments reduce maintenance overhead and minimize installation costs while providing uncompromised gas monitoring for critical safety applications.

Install a Complete Fixed Point Gas Detection System in One Enclosure

SensAlarm Plus Fixed Point Universal Gas Monitoring SystemSensAlarm Plus packages an advanced gas detection transmitter, sensor head, and controller with status and audible and alarm annunciation and relay outputs in a single easy to use and easy to install package. SensAlarm Plus, like SensAlert Plus, employs a universal sensor head that accepts combustible (infrared or catalytic), toxic, and oxygen sensors to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.

Heavy duty gas detector.

SensAirCMB is a heavy duty, combustible fixed point gas detector designed to be highly poison resistant. SensAir combustible gas detector is rugged, easy to use, and has a low cost of ownership.

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Cost Effective Infrastructure and Commercial Gas Detection Solutions

SensAlert Plus Point Gas MonitorSensidyne proudly introduces our Sensidyne line of commercial and light infrastructure gas detection equipment. This reliable and low-maintenance family of gas detection transmitters, sensors, and controllers provides continuous monitoring of ambient gas concentration levels. Sensidyne Commercial Gas Detection products are well matched for HVAC duct work and ventilation, parking garages and loading docks, boiler and mechanical rooms, chemical storage closets, and other non-hazardous classified areas.

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Employ a Comprehensive Protection Strategy for Wide Area Monitoring

Open Path Gas Detection Gas MonitorOpen Path Gas Detectors (OPGD) are line of sight gas monitors commonly installed to monitor for gas presence over long distances. The wide-area coverage offered by Open Path Gas Detectors make them excellent instruments for perimeter and cross-sectional monitoring. Open Path Gas Detectors provide high-speed response, operate in extreme conditions, and require fewer instruments to monitor large area. A comprehensive protection strategy often employs a network of point and open path gas detectors to detection and locate the leak source.

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Gas Detection and Flame Detection Equipment by Sensidyne

Sensidyne has over 35 years experience manufacturing fixed gas detection, air sampling, and micro air pump products. Customers rely upon our high quality products for personnel safety and facility asset protection. We pride ourselves on customer service & support, customer satisfaction and delivering products and solutions that are robust and effective.

Our products are installed in a wide range of process, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries including; Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Water and Waste Treatment facilities, Power Generation and Transmission, Mining, Industrial Gases, Metals, and Semi-conductor, worldwide.

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