Sensidyne Gas Detection

SensAlert Plus Point Gas Detector

Advanced Point Gas Detector for Critical Safety Applications.

SensAlert Plus Point Gas Detector

Universal Point Gas Detector Accepting Combustible (Infrared or Catalytic), Toxic, and Oxygen Gas Sensors.


  • Highest Reliability and Function

    • Predictive Sensor End-of-Life Indication 
    • Missing or Non-functional Sensor Indication 
    • Sensor Test-On-Demand, with On-board Gas Generator
  • Intrinsically Safe Sensor Head

    • Shop Calibrate and Hot-swap Gas Sensors in Classified Areas
    • Mount Sensor up to 100 ft./30 m. away Without Rigid Conduit
  • Intelligent SensAlert Plus Sensors

    • Auto-recognition and Set-up from Sensor Non-Volatile Memory Provides
    • Operating Parameters and Diagnostics for All Plus Transmitters
  • International Approvals

    • Performance and Hazardous Area Tested and Certified to FM and ATEX Standards
    • Unrestricted Hazardous Classified Area Installation and Operation
  • Flexible Installation or Retrofit

    • 2-Wire and 3-Wire Transmitters with Multiple Enclosure Options
    • Non-intrusive Configuration and Maintenance User Interface
    • Remote Sensor / Gassing, Duct Mount and Sample Draw
    • Configurable Alarms: Gas Alarms, Fault Conditions, and Test-on-Demand

Why Choose SensAlert Plus?

Increased Reliability

Intelligent and dependable firmware monitors the intelligent Plus sensor for changes that could affect performance. Sensor condition and maintenance notifications are displayed locally and can be sent to a controller or facility monitoring system via on-board relays, a virtual relay (assignable to a fault current), RS-485 Modbus, or HART. This thorough system monitoring provides increased reliability.

Simple to Install & Maintain

The SensAlert Plus Intrinsically Safe sensor head can be remote mounted up to 100 feet (30m) from the transmitter providing greater flexibility to position the transmitter in an personnel-accessible location while positioning the sensor closer to potential hazards. A wide range of sensors, accessories and remote gassing/sampling systems further simplify maintenance and provide installation flexibility.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Shop or field calibrate, then swap sensors under power to minimize maintenance and calibration time. A large backlit alphanumeric display with a non-intrusive user interface allows for configuration, setup, and data review without declassifying a hazardous area. SensAlert Plus is a universal transmitter allowing equipment standardization across gas types, sensor technologies, and sensor ranges.

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Filename Filesize
Battery-Room-Gas-Monitoring.pdf (0 downloads) 1.25 MB
Battery-Room-Gas-Monitoring_Application-Note.pdf (0 downloads) 671.5 kB
Mounting Bracket 821-0213-01.pdf (0 downloads) 26.88 kB
Oxygen_Deficiency_SensAlarm_Datasheet.pdf (0 downloads) 310.62 kB
Plus Series 821-0235-01 4NPT PIPE Mount. 360-0163-01r2.pdf (0 downloads) 69.83 kB
Plus Series Moisture Barrier 360-0169-01rA.pdf (0 downloads) 138 kB
Plus Series Remote Cal accessory 821-0218-01 360-0096-01rD+.pdf (0 downloads) 79.49 kB
Plus Series Remote Kit Manual 821-0207-01 821-0207-02 360-0092-01rF.pdf (0 downloads) 1.13 MB
Power_Plant_Gas_Detection_Applications.pdf (0 downloads) 484.47 kB
PVC BushingSensorMounting 821-0209-05.pdf (0 downloads) 93.88 kB
SA+_FM_Release_Document.pdf (0 downloads) 2.43 MB
SA+_Power_Industry_Application_Note.pdf (0 downloads) 1020.09 kB
SA+_SCR_Ammonia_Application_Note.pdf (0 downloads) 1.45 MB
SA+_Waste-Water_Industry_Application_Note.pdf (0 downloads) 870.15 kB
SensAlert-Plus User's Manual-360-0087-02rR0.pdf (0 downloads) 3.31 MB
SensAlert Plus 3wire isolator 821-0225-01 360-0137-01rB_Inst Sht 3-Wire Isolator.pdf (0 downloads) 279.85 kB
SensAlert Plus Duct Mount Kit Manual 360-0093-01rD.pdf (0 downloads) 121.93 kB
SensAlert Plus galvanic isolator 821-0224-01 360-0121-01rB 2 WIRE ISOLATOR.pdf (0 downloads) 145.05 kB
SensAlert Plus HART 360-0095-01rF.pdf (0 downloads) 318.75 kB
SensAlert Plus Hart card 821-0220-01 360-0095-01rE.pdf (0 downloads) 321.51 kB
SensAlert Plus Modbus 821-0221-01 360-0099-01rG.pdf (0 downloads) 250.5 kB
SensAlert Plus Relay Board 821-0219-01 360-0109-01rB.pdf (0 downloads) 141.84 kB
SensAlert Plus transmitter manual 820-0204-01 820-0206-01 360-0087-02rP1.pdf (0 downloads) 3.42 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Acetylene.pdf (0 downloads) 2.06 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Ammonia.pdf (0 downloads) 4.72 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Ammonia_PRESS.pdf (0 downloads) 4.89 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Ice-Arenas.pdf (0 downloads) 1.69 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Natural-Gas-Processing-Plants.pdf (0 downloads) 2.39 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Natural-Gas-Processing-Plants_PRESS.pdf (0 downloads) 2.85 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Pulp&Paper-PRESS.pdf (0 downloads) 3.25 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Pulp&Paper.pdf (0 downloads) 2.46 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Pulp-and-Paper.pdf (0 downloads) 3.54 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Sewage-Collection-Processing-Plants-PRESS.pdf (0 downloads) 3.17 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Sewage-Collection-Processing-Plants.pdf (0 downloads) 2.65 MB
Sensidyne_Gas-Detection-for-Waste-Water-Processing-Plants_PRINT.pdf (0 downloads) 3.06 MB
Sensidyne_SensAlert-Plus_2-Wire_Datasheet-4p 820-0203-01 820-0205-01.pdf (0 downloads) 3.4 MB
Sensidyne_SensAlert-Plus_Datasheet-4p 820-0204-01 820-0206-01.pdf (0 downloads) 4.34 MB
Sensidyne_SensAlert-Plus_Datasheet-4p_LowRes 820-0204-01 820-0206-01.pdf (0 downloads) 626.59 kB
Sensidyne_SensAlert-Plus_Datasheet-4p_SMALL 820-0204-01 820-0206-01.pdf (0 downloads) 1.06 MB
Sensidyne_SensAlert-Plus_Datasheet-4p_submittal 820-0204-01 820-0206-01.pdf (0 downloads) 4.88 MB
Sensidyne_SensAlert-Plus_Datasheet-4p_submittal_LowRes 820-0204-01 820-0206-01.pdf (0 downloads) 613.91 kB
Test-on-Demand Tech Sheet 821-0204-02 821-0204-06.pdf (0 downloads) 52.85 kB

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Filename Filesize
Acetylene Infrared 50 Percent LEL 823-0249-51rB C2H2-IR 50LEL sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 31.61 kB
Ammonia 50ppm 823-0201-22rC NH3 50ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 200.59 kB
Ammonia 100ppm 823-0201-21rD NH3 LI sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 200.31 kB
Ammonia 250ppm 823-0301-43rA NH3 sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 31.27 kB
Ammonia 300ppm 823-0201-41rE NH3 300ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 186.87 kB
Ammonia 500ppm 823-0201-42rD NH3 500ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 187.12 kB
Bromine 1ppm 823-0222-41rA Br2 1ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 31.24 kB
Bromine 10ppm 823-0222-21rC Br2 10ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 31.24 kB
Bromine Br2 1ppm 365-2222-22rA sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 32.07 kB
Carbon Dioxide Infrared 5 percent by vol 823-0205-53rA CO2 sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 28.09 kB
Carbon Monoxide 100ppm 823-0219-23rC CO-F 100ppm sensor specss.pdf (0 downloads) 41.72 kB
Carbon Monoxide 500ppm 823-0219-22rC CO-F 500ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.73 kB
Carbon Monoxide H2 Filtered 100ppm 823-0219-41rD CO-LI 100 ppm Sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 47.06 kB
Carbon Monoxide H2 Filtered 500ppm 823-0219-42rD CO-LI 500 ppm Sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 47.21 kB
Carbon Monoxide H2 Filtered 1000ppm 823-0219-43rC CO-LI 1000 ppm Sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 47.28 kB
Chlorine 5ppm 823-0202-22rC CL2 5ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 42.3 kB
Chlorine 5ppm H2S tolerant 823-0202-42rA Cl2 5-S ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 35.47 kB
Chlorine 10ppm 823-0202-21rD CL2 10ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.43 kB
Chlorine 10ppm H2S tolerant 823-0202-41rA Cl2 10-S ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 35.41 kB
Chlorine 20ppm 823-0202-23rB CL2 20ppm sensor specs specs.pdf (0 downloads) 32.32 kB
Chlorine 100ppm 823-0202-43rA Cl2 100 ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 34.98 kB
Chlorine Dioxide 1ppm 823-0239-41rD ClO2 1ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 182.03 kB
Chlorine Dioxide 5ppm 823-0239-42rD ClO2 5ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 144.24 kB
Combustible Catalytic Bead 0-100 Percent LEL 823-0211-31rD CMB-CB sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 70.26 kB
Combustible Infrared 0-100 Percent LEL 823-0211-51rE CMB-IR sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 189.09 kB
Diborane 1ppm 823-0229-21rB B2H6 1ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 48.83 kB
Ethylene oxide 10ppm 823-0245-21rF ETO 10ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 177.09 kB
Ethylene oxide 500ppm 823-0245-22rA ETO 500ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 32.89 kB
Fluorine 10ppm 823-0215-21rA F2 10ppm sensor specs spec.pdf (0 downloads) 30.11 kB
Fluorine 25ppm 823-0215-22rA F2 25ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 30.13 kB
Germane 1ppm 823-0230-21rB GeH4 1ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 48.73 kB
Hydrogen 0-4 Percent Volume 100 Percent LEL Electrochemical 823-0210-41rD H2 Percent LEL EC Sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 187.39 kB
Hydrogen 1000ppm 823-0210-21rC H2 1000ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.53 kB
Hydrogen Catalytic Bead 0-100 Percent LEL 823-0211-33rC H2 CMB-CB sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 168.01 kB
Hydrogen Chloride 10ppm 823-0208-21rE HCl 10ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 42.6 kB
Hydrogen Chloride 20ppm 823-0208-22rD HCl 20ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 42.52 kB
Hydrogen Chloride 100ppm 823-0208-41rB HCl 100ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 49.17 kB
Hydrogen Cyanide 20ppm 823-0203-21rD HCN 20ppm Sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 42.55 kB
Hydrogen Fluoride 10ppm 823-0207-21rC HF 10ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 41.54 kB
Hydrogen Fluoride 20ppm 823-0207-22rE HF 20ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 43.11 kB
Hydrogen Sulfide 10ppm 823-0206-23rB H2S 10ppm.pdf (0 downloads) 44.07 kB
Hydrogen Sulfide 50ppm 823-0206-22rC H2S 50ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.77 kB
Hydrogen Sulfide 100ppm 823-0206-21rC H2S sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.82 kB
Methanol 500ppm 823-0253-21rB CH3OH 500ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 38.56 kB
Nitric Oxide 100ppm 823-0242-21rB NO 100 ppm Sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 34.07 kB
Nitrogen Dioxide 10ppm 823-0221-21rE NO2 10ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 171.3 kB
Oxygen 25 Percent Vol 823-0240-22rB O2 70X-V.pdf (0 downloads) 39.68 kB
Ozone 1ppm 823-0243-21rA O3 1ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 35.76 kB
Ozone 2ppm 823-0243-22rA O3 2ppm sensor spec.pdf (0 downloads) 35.8 kB
Phosgene 1ppm 823-0247-21rC COCL2 1ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 35.19 kB
Phosphine 1ppm 823-0213-21rB PH3 1ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 48.58 kB
Silane 10ppm 823-0214-21rB SiH4 10ppm sensor.pdf (0 downloads) 49.26 kB
Sulfur Dioxide H2S Filtered 10ppm 823-0218-22rC SO2-F 10ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.86 kB
Sulfur Dioxide H2S Filtered 20ppm 823-0218-21rC SO2-F 20ppm sensor specs.pdf (0 downloads) 41.67 kB